I am a Psychic Medium and yes, I see dead people. It is as natural to me as breathing. My Mom says I started knowing things when I first started speaking as a toddler and it just grew over time. Over the years, it has always comforted me that we are never alone and that we can just ask for the information & guidance we need anytime we want to.


Everyone has my same ability, it does not matter what religious belief or culture you are from. This is a gift we are all born with but for whatever reason we just dont use it or develop it-so eventually, it is hidden within all our other senses.

I was lucky because my family and friends encouraged my ability to grow. I would always say, They told me to say this or They told me to ask this,- They were always right. Years later I was to learn that They are my Spirit Guides or your guides or your loved ones in spirit talking to me. I would see someone in my mind, playing like a movie, and know it was a passed relative of the person I was with - never knowing them personally while they were living.


I have worked with countless families and individuals to gain some closure to a loved ones passing. I have even been fortunate enough to work with local law enforcement as a tool for investigations. I want to help others with my gift to make peace with past, present and future. Thank you to my loving family, my dear friends and the wonderful clients (both living and in spirit) that have supported me and encouraged me. I feel I need to leave people better than I found them-that is my job with my gift.


God Bless.

Love & Light-Katie

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