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I want to share a reading with all of you that is very special to me and to the family involved. There are certain people we meet in our lifetime that are very memorable and in my case-there are certain Spirits that are unforgettable! This is the case of a man named Pablo Ortiz and our incredible story.

Maureen had been concerned about her two children-Justina and JaShing (nicknamed Jay) they had still been dealing with the death of there father, Maureens ex-husband. They are young adults who did not have there dad around very much after the divorce and before they could get to know him-he passed away-they felt cheated & angry and needed closure. After confiding in Patty, bless her soul-Patty told Maureen to call me and see if I could help them.

She contacted me around June 9th and was booked for June 19th. No information was given on the phone-only date, time and location. Well, on the 10th of June, I read a large group in Hageman. When I had just started on the last reading, a young husband & wife, a man came in very strong, indicating he passed in 9/11. They did not know anyone that had passed-he was such a huge presence that I had the hostess of the party ask all her guests if anyone had lost someone in 9/11-No one had. This man was determined to give his information-sadly; no other spirits could come in that evening. I was done-shutdown for business.

Throughout the week, he kept showing up but not as strong so as to block the other spirits-it was as if he realized that others needed to give messages to there loved ones here and didnt mean to interfere. He was just there with me-so strongly again did he come in on the following Saturday-once again, I asked the hostess to inquire among her guests-and once again, no one had lost a loved one in 9/11.  At this point, he showed me that he was middle aged, physically fit and had darker hair and features. He let me know that he served in Vietnam, was a hero and his remains had not ever been located. I knew eventually I would connect with the family that needed to hear from him-he would just stick with me until it happened.

On Monday, June 19th I met with Maureen and her daughter Justina (now a mother also of Ayanna)-from the moment I got out of the car I knew that Maureens husband had passed. Still not making any connection!When Justina left the room to get photos-I turned to Maureen and asked if her husband had died. He kept pushing on my chest-kind of knocking the wind out of me because he was excited to be there. She said, That is why we needed to see you. Justina and Jays father had passed; my ex and we need some closure.I asked them 5 years-he passed 5 years ago? Yes, he had. I asked if he served in Vietnam. I kept seeing old photos of young men in uniform dating from that time. Yes.He told me to say that he was a hero. Justina says, Yes, my father died in 9/11 saving other people. You could have knocked me over with a feather-he had been with me since Maureen set up the appointment. They confirmed that he had never been recovered and that he was not supposed be there that early on 9/11. 

She and her brother had been dealing with so many emotions over the loss of their father, mostly anger. That he had chosen to stay in the building and it cost him his life. It forever changed theirs. Lesson for all that are reading this right now-make sure you are a hero at home before you go out to save the rest of the world. Very difficult for them to keep hearing what a hero their dad was, when they just wanted their father, a human being with faults like all of us. He let me know that it was what he needed to do, that especially after what he had experienced in Vietnam, he could never leave anyone behind if he could help it. It was never a choice that he may never see his children again or save so many people he did on that day. He just did it because that is who he was. He let me know that he was around Jay when he listened to his music in his room. He spoke about the song that made him think of the kids-the Will Smith version of Just the 2 of Us. That Justina was so artistically talented because of him-this then turned into a somewhat funny match of who got what talents from what parent. He wants them to be loving and happy adults-he is always with them and always loves them. He had no memory or pain with his passing-he went straight home.

The following week, I read for Jay. The amazing part of that reading was as I was facing Jay and telling him information from his dad-I could see an outline around Jay. I was just about to say to Jay that his dad was behind him when Jay spoke up and says, I just felt a hand on my shoulder.

Pablo Paul loves his children still and is with them all the time-he enjoys his granddaughter, Ayanna. Justina didnt want me to leave that night because she thought he would leave with me-I assured her that he is always with her and her daughter and her brother. He only hung around me because he was anxious to get his message of love and forgiveness to them. Justina, Jay & Maureen are amazing people and I hope they continue to heal & understand from the messages that came in. During the reading Maureens father showed up also and gave a message to her. He also brought me oranges? I was to learn from Maureen, this is a beautiful custom of China. Whenever a family goes to visit, they always bring fruit-oranges or apples- as a thank you for having us. I love it!! I am so honored to have shared this with them.

This year Pablo Ortiz was featured on 2 different documentaries showing that he has died saving others. He saved over 50 people that day in the North Tower-last seen near floor 88 and 89 with friend and co-worker Frank DiMartino.

Maureen feels strongly that around the time of the airing of the shows this year Pablo came and saved his son from certain injury. She had a brief moment of knowing that Jay had been struck by a car-strangely, she felt calm. The phone rang-and yes, Jay was on his bike and hit by a car. Jay walked away from the accident with only minor abrasions and a sprained wrist. In Maureens own words, I believe that JaShing, as he flew off his bike, was caught by his Dad and as best as his father could-carried him down to the ground without breaking anything. I want to thank Maureen, Justina and Jay for allowing me to share this special message from Pablo & Maureens Dad. And, thank you to Pablo for staying with me & helping your family to heal. God Bless you all.

Walking With Horses 

Schenectady, NY

I met Katie a few years ago in business. Through many business transactions, we instantly, clicked with our kindred spirits. However, it was Katie's genuine interest in my life that ignited a new connection with a truly spiritual existence.

It happened one day, when I walked into her office and she looked at me an informed me that she had seen me walking with horses on several acres. Indeed, that past weekend, I had been on my in-laws property, and I was walking with horses. From that day forward, I realized Katies gift was an intrinsic connection with the spiritual present, spiritual future, and most blessed with the spiritual after life.


There have been times in my life when I have had terrible heartache and despair. I have reached to Katie for not the answer, but for the guidance to believe, when I have felt lost with the situation at hand. Most recently, Katie and I had a consultation; it was just under one year, when all of the elements we had discussed have now come full circle. This is truly miraculous.

I hope to be blessed with Katie in my life for many years. Her gift is not only a blessing for everyone that she encounters, but it is a joy to see Katie bring an internal peace to everyone she meets."


Katie Manning Hilton

I scheduled an appointment some time ago with a psychic medium ( a psychcic that sees and speak to people in spirit and get insight on peoples lives). The appointment was last nite.  Some of you may not believe in this stuff but boy...she was on.  She did not know anything about me except my name. She came to my house.  Mom, Jeff and Jordan were here as well.  From the minute she walked in she stated that there was a male spirit sitting with us. A minute later she went to a picture of my father and touched it and said..he died from lung cancer, 3 years ago, no 3 months ago... WOW, this was only the beginning!  We then sat down and she said boy he is really present, he is with you all all the time.  She was referring to my dad.
He is with someone who's name starts with a G...anyone know who this is??  She said a big G kept coming through, maybe Jeff's Uncle George??
Anyway next she said, you went on a trip before he died didn't you?  You went to Atlantic City!  I almost dropped, the tears started flowing then, she went on to say he LOVED that, that made him so happy!    (He advised me to go back as i would hit it big, anyone up for that?) He brought up the "restaurant" and how he hung out there. 
She said that dad really believed that all he had was a cold and fought the cancer to the end.  He was not accepting of the cancer and was in denial.  He was in alot of pain but did not want to take the pain medicine as he did not want people to remember him all doped up.  He wanted to be able to go on as usual. 
Next Nanny started talking to us...she is still a pip, she told mom she is with her all the time and moves things around in the house and wakes her when she sleeps, Mom confirmed this.  Nanny referenced GE and old downtown Schenectady, the psychic then kept seeing the planter peanut man, Mom laughed and said every Sunday after church Nanny and Grandpa used to take them to get a bag of planter peanuts on state street downtown CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!  
Nanny Kept bringing up Betty or Betsy?  anyone have any idea...
The Psychic (her name is Katie) talked about Grandpa (cannice) and how he was important at the army depot...Grandpa (cannice) didn't have much to say, can you imagine that!
Next Katie turned to me and said...your father asked me to specifically tell you that he is ok, it is not fair but I am ok he said.  I am with you all the time.


Always with you!


This is one of those strange but true stories that seems to happen a lot in my line of work. My neighbor Melody of 17 years, found out recently about my ability. Mel and her family have treated my husband and I like relatives since the day we bought our home. They have been wonderful to us over the years and we are truly blessed to have them in our lives. I never shared with Mel, or any of my neighbors what I do - of course my fear was that they would go running for the hills when I told them. Melody never shared with  me what had happened in her family. Shame on me, because when she discovered that I am a Psychic Medium, she was so excited and very supportive.

I always say, there are no accidents. Meeting Michael was no accident. The spirit of a young man that wanted to make sure everyone knew that he was on the other side, doing fine and he loved them. Before I continue, if you know someone that maybe a danger to themselves or if you are suicidal - PLEASE get help immediately. The aftermath is devastating for the families and friends involved.

On a Tuesday evening, Melody sent over a photo of her nephew with his name on a  piece of paper - Michael. I never met him personally and did not recognize him from the photo. She would not tell my husband anything about him - all she said was, please ask Katie why he did what he did? I automatically assume that he is passed over and he committed suicide.

The next day has me running all over to give readings, thankfully, so I took a few minutes to try and speak to Michael. I wrote out our brief discussion and had to get to the next reading. I met Mel later for coffee to review my notes with her. When we sat down, I let her know that I needed to be in Amsterdam to meet with a new client by 2 p.m., so I would need to hit the road by 1:30 p.m.. She said; no problem, Ill  keep an eye on the clock for you.

I want to thank Melody and her family for allowing me to share the story that follows with all of you. Michaels family asked that I not use some of his message to them and not use disclose his last name. Mel and her sister both had specific messages they wanted Michael to relay to me to make sure it was really him. I typically will warn against this to clients because it can be a huge let down even though the rest of the message is healing and valid. I asked Mel if he suffered from depression and committed suicide and Mel confirmed this. This was a person that had always been in pain, and sadly, suffered from depression his whole life. Some specifics he told me are that he passed from his own doing and that he took responsibility for his passing. 

No one else was involved - a question that the family has always wondered about. He had attempted this many times, contemplated different methods and had hung himself. Mel confirmed this as well. He is so sorry to his mother and wanted to convey to her how sorry he was for hurting her, very remorseful to his family and wanted to make sure no one here was blaming themselves  He mentions that he had a small gun also. Melody later confirmed the owning of a gun that even his mother did not know about until the reading. He told me he loved cars-cars-cars. Mel said yes, his mom said if he talks about cars, Ill know it is him.He showed me the number 23. It was not his age and not a significant date, just 23. It turns out that Michael worked the toll booths for NYS at exit 23.  He told me that he liked to wrestle and was a good wrestler. I figure this was a school activity and I kept seeing the color red for a uniform. Melody laughed out loud at this - every Christmas day, the whole family would be dressed in red. And every Christmas day, the kids would all wind up in a wrestling match - kind of a family tradition.

As we got to the end of the message, Mel asked me, if he has anything else to say, did he tell me his nickname? I said, he keeps showing me cartoons of either Donald Duck or Daffy? He showed it to me earlier at my house, but I told him I was on my way to an appointment and could we talk more later? I looked at Melody and said, Mickey Mouse, you called him Mickey Mouse? She tearfully confirmed that is what she and his mother called him. This is one of the messages they wanted him to share so they would know it was him - he didnt let them down.It was 1:30 p.m. and I needed to hit the road for Amsterdam. The whole ride there, I kept feeling like he was with me and that maybe the next reading would have something similar. Of course, the first thing I asked my 2 p.m. appointment was if a young man close to him had ever committed suicide. My client said no, not connected him. An hour later, we were wrapping up his reading; the suicide still nagging me, so I asked again,  are you sure no one you knew committed suicide? He said, Oh yeah, I do. I asked, a young man - he hung himself? He said, yes he did. Before I could say anything else he said, Wow, I have not thought about Michael in years. It was the same young man!


I drove a half hour away and the same young man was connected to 2 people I read in one day. He was persistent that I get information to people. This is synchronicity - it almost knocked me over! This was an incredible experience for me, but more importantly, a blessing to his family still dealing with the grief and so many questions. God bless to Michael's family and friends. Thank you to Michael for giving the information to pass along.